Hiring all the time

Successful businesses have several key activities in common, one of the most common threads that is found is the practice of hiring all the time. It is very rare that successful companies pass on a talented candidate because they don’t have a space for them.They create the space, either through expansion or replacing a poor performing current employee. Mediocrity has no place in success and has no place in your company’s hiring strategy.

Many of you will have seen the meme that has been shared on various social media sites that states the following:

CFO to CEO= ” What happens if we invest in our employees and they leave us for another company?”

CEO response= ” What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

This is a real fear of company management, how do we invest in our employees, and at the same time, ensure that they stay with us. The answer, in part, is to surround them with high achievers, goal setters and performers. Study after study has shown that the best of the best bring out the best in those they work with. How often have you seen a poor performer de-motivate the team they are on? The saying of  bad apple spoils the bunch holds true. Hire the best, those who share your goals and tackle the challenges that move your business forward. In doing this you invest in your team and show them that they matter to you. This translates to a more satisfied team, a happier workforce that sees these additions, not as a detriment but as a motivator to achieve more.

You can’t make this happen by hiring only when someone leaves, this is reactive and doesn’t impress upon your team a willingness to invest in their success. If anything it is the symptom of a possible problem in morale. People leave when they feel unappreciated, overworked or that their contribution is worth more than they are receiving. Hiring top talent and the morale boost those candidates make in the team gives everyone the message that you as the employer want them to be successful. No single investment you make as an employer provides you with a more direct return then hiring the best.

Attracting the best is an effort you as an employer need to make on a daily basis. This means looking for the best, challenging them and building a foundation that rewards those employees that make a difference in your team, your goals and your bottom line. Always be hiring and the positive changes that happen will be overwhelming.



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